(Point Music 2001)
"Bach : Partita no 1 in Bm"
(independent records 2002)
The Fire
Dream Of You
Time is a healer
Double #1
Stranger Double - presto
Double # 3
Double # 4
Caprice no. 24
Solo instrumental clips
December Melancholy clean guitar piece
Clean tone improv More on the fusion/intervallic side
Heart of A lion Solo from this Racer X classic was done a while back testing my new sampler
PG Chicken Jam My take on the Paul Gilbert Jam piece
Screaming Blues-O-Mania The Paul Gilbert Classic
Squeeze Play An old Kotzen cover recorded years ago
Next Bach project
My next classical project is a recording of Bach's 5th Brandenburg Concerto.
I plan to multi-track live strings for the orchestra parts. Note : these are still early demos with synth strings.
Excerpts from Brandenburg Concerto no. 5 (1st movement)
Clip 1
Clip 2